This job will be the death of me.

First off, one of the last goblins alive for miles around got found on our roof by Slitheredlow. He must have been too terrified to move in case the demons saw him. You can see how well that worked out for him.

His mount was dealt with swiftly and brutally.

Slitheredlow was covered in wounds and scars from its previous battles but still charged forward relentlessly.

At first, it almost looked like the goblin might be able to deal some lasting damage to the demon, as he got some lucky strikes in.

That didn't last very long. Slitheredlow let out a victory howl loud enough to make the gemstone windows in this room shudder.

They kept shuddering after it stopped.

I didn't know why at first.

After all, the shuddering was like something huge was moving around right below us, and that was impossible. The only thing there was the waterways into the Vile Flood.

From there it just vented into a staircase.

I only put two and two together when I heard the roaring and screaming from the depot, and ordered any available recruits to dogpile the thing and buy us time to seal it off.

The first dwarf on the scene solved the problem with two punches, and the already wounded demon crumbled into a pile of snow.

I still don't know exactly how she managed that.

The demons are just flying over the Keg now, taunting us withe their idleness.

Our animal population is beginning to starve without proper access to pastures, and the butchering industry was crippled by the loss of all its butchers. I've conscripted a few dwarves to get it moving again.

The bridge outside is nearly done with its repairs. I shall have someone carry me out to pull the lever myself.


I'm going to skullfuck Charlie72 to death with a mace. He made the fucking bridge RETRACT, when the whole purpose of the thing was for it to seal off the fortress!

Now I have to have the fucking thing torn down and rebuilt RIGHT which is going to take days. We'll be sitting ducks in the meantime.

I think I hear the caravans. While they are going to likely pass us by again, I did send word for the most fearsome Tree killer I know.

Vucar Plankpainted, so named because he soaks the wood from the Trees he fells with the blood of Arrogant Ones and his own excrement. A bit unhinged, but just the fellow we need to deal with such a dire threat. With him on our side we are unstoppa